**This Is Price Per Bundle**


3.5 oz

Double Weft

Minimum to no shedding 

100% Virgin - Not Raw Hair! 

Can last 2-3 years with PROPER care. 


  • All sales are final! There are no returns! There are no exchange!

  • - All hair comes in a Natural 1B.

    - Treat your hair like it’s your natural hair. We recommend using good quality hair products. Please shop our Organic Hair Care Products.

    - Do not put heavy hair products on it. 

    - Any hair that has been manufactured and made to be stitched on a weft can experience minimum shedding which is normal. The hair will not a have a noticeable or drastic decrease in its density or volume with. However we advise proper maintenance. 

    - Brush the hair from the bottom to the weft.

    - We suggest for lengths 12-16 inches - You'll need 3 bundles or more. Lengths 18-24 you'll need 4 bundles or more. Lengths 26-30 you’ll need 5 bundles or more. 

    - Each bundle weighs at 3.5. oz (90-100 grams)

    - All hair can be colored and bleached.

    - Based off your hairstyle, we recommend making hair appointments every 3-6 weeks or as needed. 

    - Hair can be washed as many times as needed. 

    - With proper maintence, the hair. can last 1-5 years.