Welcome your Majesty to Crown Glory Extensions! We are very excited to share our online store with you! 


Through my 25 years of life in the time span of 8 years of wearing hair bundles, I’ve bought hair from several different Hair Companies. I’ve learned that many companies do not provide great quality hair and those who does have high prices. As a young adult, I was willing to pay $500-$700 for good quality hair of 3 bundles and a closure. After researching, testing hair from vendors, and comparing prices. I am proud to provide not only great quality hair with affordable pricing, but Mink Eyelashes and styling products. 


Our hair is 100% Virgin hair, which means our hair hasn't been altered by steam or chemical processing in any way. With our 100% Raw Indian Virgin Hair, our hair has been completely unprocessed and chemical free. Our weft sizes are 3.5 oz each. 


We carry 100% Mink Eyelashes, hair care products, and hair care maintenance which are durable and long lasting! With several models whom tested our lashes, the lashes lifespan is up to 10 uses with proper care. 


Our Egyptian Blond Collection is one of our most popular type of hair. Our Egyptian Blonde 10A grade hair is the highest quality of human hair that can easily be dyed and styled.